Booking Your Guided Fly Fishing Trip

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Current Rates and Trip Options

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Please contact me to make a reservation: or 507-254-2180.

Guided trips are available from April 1 through September 30.

After you make your reservation, you may either mail a check to Healing Rivers, LLC, or pay by credit card using the form below:

Mail a check to:

Healing Rivers, LLC
PO Box 382
Stewartville, MN 55976

Make the check payable to:

Healing Rivers, LLC

Or pay by credit card:

Type of Trip
Date (or gift certificate)

One Person Trip: $250.00

The trip includes transportation to and from the Rochester area, lunch/refreshments, fly rods, reels, and flies are available if needed. In addition, fly fishing instruction is provided as part of the daily fee.

Two Person Trip: $450.00

The two person trip includes all the same amenities provided above.

Half Day Trips: $175.00

Trip includes a half day of fishing: morning, afternoon, or evening.

Gift Certificates

Healing Rivers, LLC guide service will upon request provide a gift certificate for a half day or full day of time on the river.

Healing Waters supports catch and release fishing.

Current River Conditions

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources provides southeast Minnesota stream conditions.

What to Expect on Your Guided Trip

Your guided trip starts in the morning hours unless otherwise arranged. Lunch is generally prepared ahead, with non-alcohol refreshments provided.

On full day trips you might choose to fish a different river in the second half of the day, or stay on the same river. You will get a chance to fish a variety of dry flies and nymphs depending on the season and availability of hatches. The guide generally picks the stream(s) for the trip, though if you have a request, arrangements can be made.

Read more about the Driftless Area where our Guided Fly Fishing Trips take place.

Recommendations on What to Bring

You should be sure to obtain a current fishing license and Trout stamp, sun glasses (polarized are suggested); rain coat; hat; sunscreen; insect repellent and hip boots/waders.

Additional Options

Trip photo

Healing Rivers, LLC will take digital photographs of you and your trip and provide them to you on a disk. In addition, your trip can be videotaped using a flip camera and burned onto a disk for $25.00 if you request it.