Welcome to Healing Rivers, LLC; where the office environment includes the relaxing trout rivers of Southeast Minnesota. Charles V. Dawley, M.A., LP, LICSW is a skilled psychotherapist with over thirty-two years of experience in providing clinical services to adults, adolescents and children exhibiting a variety of mental health issues.

How is Healing Rivers, LLC Different from Other Mental Health Practices?

At Healing Rivers, LLC we practice a form of experiential therapy. We combine psychotherapy with the sport of fly fishing. Therapeutic techniques include the use of metaphors, cognitive-behavioral approaches and more traditional therapy formats. The use of the fly rod is a unique tool for healing as is the stream environment.

We also believe that the client's "view of the world" or "self-portrait" has a significant impact in terms of how he/she approaches /responds to life and the challenges that he/she experiences. In regards to a more traditional approach, regular office sessions are available in support of the "stream work" or during the off season.

What Types of Issues/Conflicts Can Healing Rivers, LLC Help Me With?

Most any type of issue that can be dealt with in a traditional mental health practice can be addressed utilizing the treatment approach practiced at Healing Rivers, LLC. A few of the life issues our treatment approach can prove successful in resolving include:

Therapeutic fly fishing has also been utilized to help returning wounded veterans to adjust and women recovering from the trauma of breast cancer.

Don't Know How to Fly Fish?..Think It Too Daunting?

The fear and anxiety many people feel when faced with the challenge of fly fishing is an example of the concept of "self-portrait" mentioned earlier. In example, a person whose self-portrait is reasonably positive approaches an unfamiliar task not so much with apprehension, but with curiosity, excitement and as a growth challenge. Though they may struggle initially, their generally positive self-portrait enables them to persevere. In contrast, the individual whose self-portrait is generally negative is likely to avoid the experience out of a belief they are incapable of responding successfully. As a result, they not only miss the wonderful opportunity to experience success, but also feed the already negative self-portrait they have been laboring under for most of their lives. In other words, they continue to reinforce what they believe about themselves, rather then strengthening what they know.

We were not meant to be perfect and in fact, such thinking errors continue to keep the colors in our self-portrait bright and fresh. In contrast, trusting what we know (adult experience) helps heal what we believe (inner child's experience). Healing Rivers, LLC's approach can help make this possible.

Where Does the Therapeutic Work Take Place?

Healing Rivers, LLC operates on the wonderful streams of Southeastern Minnesota, but options for other locations around the country are being explored, please inquire. Ask about regular office visits in conjunction with "stream work."

Don't Have the Equipment?

Healing Rivers, LLC can outfit you for the time that you spend on the river, including rods, reels, flies and waders. If you have your own and wish to use it you can do that as well.

How Does One Schedule an Appointment?

Contact Healing Rivers, LLC by calling 507-254-2180 to make an appointment. You may also contact us by sending an email to: charlie@ healingriversllc.com. Sessions are generally scheduled by the half day and full day.